Native Youth Honors Project – Fall Courses in Tribal Governance and Restorative Justice for Native Youth

Dear Community Partners, Supporters, and Parents,

In collaboration with the University of California, San Diego, San Diego State University and Intertribal Court of Southern California we are continuing our training/courses in Tribal governance and restorative justice this fall for our Native Youth.  These courses are part of our training program for our American Indian Youth Engagement Court Project where our Native Youth will assist the Tribal Court in a diversion prgoram as a jury to assist in determining a wellness plan for juvenile offenders. 

Fall courses that are offered through our program and UCSD follow as:

  • Introduction to the Legal System Course – 1 Semester Unit

Starting: Sept. 21st 2020 Ending: Oct. 2nd 2020

  •  Introduction to the Tribal Legal Studies – 3 Semester Unit

Starting: Oct. 12th 2020 Ending: Dec. 12th 2020

Training/Courses are designed to give a background on restorative justice ideals and the differences between Tribal and US legal systems. 

If you have Native Youth between the 10th and 12th grade (exceptions can be made based on recommendations) who want to participate within these courses/trainings please have them visit our Honors website and sign up (see link below).  Parent/Guardian approval will be required on additional form. 

Please visit our site for additional information:

Or contact us at:

Dwight K. Lomayesva
AIR Programs/Director
Cell: (619) 920-3152

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