February 2021 Residential Messaging from SDG&E®


Spending more time at home this winter means energy use could be higher and your monthly bill may be, too. SDG&E has some helpful tips on ways to save on your energy bill. We know that every little bit helps, especially now.

  1. Being on the right pricing plan can make a difference on your bill. Compare pricing plans to ensure you are on the best plan for your household at sdge.com/pricing.
  2. Use appliances before 4 p.m. or after 9 p.m. when demand for power is lower.
  3. Use your exhaust fans sparingly. Your bathroom fans and oven hoods are overlooked sources of heat loss in the winter because they can pull warmth from your home.
  4. Get a more predictable bill by signing up for the Level Pay Plan at sdge.com/LPP. Level Pay averages your bill every three months; you don’t pay less or more.
  5. Let the sunshine in. Take advantage of the world’s best furnace — the sun! Open your curtains during the day to naturally heat your home.
  6. When you’re asleep or not home, turn your thermostat back 7 to 10 degrees for eight hours and save around 10% a year on your heating and cooling costs.
  7. Check your home’s insulation. It’s like a winter coat for your house. The heavier it is, the warmer your home will be.
  8. Hot air rises so run your ceiling fan clockwise, at the lowest speed, to help push the warmth back down to you.
  9. Use less hot water as it takes energy to heat up water; wash your clothes in cold water and install low-flow faucets and showerheads.
  10. Move furniture and belongings away from heating vents so they can deliver all the heat you’re paying for.

Visit sdge.com/winter for more energy-saving ideas. 


If you have outstanding bills, and you are a CARE or FERA customer, you may be eligible for debt forgiveness through SDG&E’s Arrearage Management Payment (AMP) Plan. This plan offers qualified, current SDG&E customers financial assistance to help reduce past due account balances.

AMP is a 12-month payment plan that forgives 1/12 of a participant’s debt after each on-time payment of the current month’s bill. After 12 on-time payments of each current month’s bill, the participant’s debt will be fully forgiven up to a maximum of $8,000. Enrolled participants are protected from disconnection while participating. Find out if you qualify at sdge.com/AMP or call an SDG&E AMP Service Specialist at 1-888-204-3576.

Find out if you qualify for other SDG&E Assistance programs at sdge.com/assistance. Although business customers are not eligible for AMP, we may be able to offer flexible payment arrangements. Call our Business Care Center at 1-800-336-7343 for payment arrangements, energy-saving tips and pricing plan options, or visit sdge.com/business.


Keep safety and energy savings on tap year-round with these simple tips for your home water heater. 

  1. Set the water heater thermostat to 120°F or less to save energy and reduce the risk of scalding. (If your dishwasher lacks a booster heater, a setting of 140°F may be needed.)  
  2. Hand-test water temperature before bathing or showering. A child’s bath water generally should be no hotter than 100°F. 
  3. Securely install water heater restraints to wall studs to prevent movement or toppling during an earthquake, as required by state law.  
  4. Keep flammable products away from the water heater and vent system to help prevent fire hazards.  
  5. Keep the area around the water heater clean and well-ventilated.  
  6. Fix leaky faucets to prevent heated water from dripping away. 
  7. Use cold water to wash clothes and rinse dishes when possible.  
  8. Run full loads in the clothes washer and dishwasher.  
  9. Install low-flow devices on faucets and showerheads — less water, less heating. 
  10. Wash clothes in cold water. It lowers microfiber pollution and cold water uses less energy. Up to 90% of the energy cost goes towards heating the water.

For more energy-saving and safety tips visit sdge.com/winter.

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