College Fund Scholarship Update – March 2021

Full Circle Scholarship

Full Circle Scholarship application is OPEN!
The College Fund’s Full Circle Scholarship for Native students is NOW OPEN!

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Summer Scholarship Support

Native students can apply for Summer scholarship support through American Indian Services. Apply by APRIL 1st!

Scholarships for California Tribes

The College Fund has millions of dollars in new scholarships for most California tribal members interested in getting a degree or certificate. Learn more here and apply!

AIGC Scholarship Opportunities

A number of different undergraduate and graduate scholarship opportunities are available to Native students from the American Indian Graduate Center. CLICK HERE to apply!

Cobell Scholarship Open

The Cobell Scholarship for Native students is NOW OPEN for undergrad and graduate students. Click here to apply for support in the 2021-2022 school year!

Native Journalism Scholarships

$10,000 is available to Native journalism students through NAJA’s Facebook scholarship program. Apply by APRIL 30!

AISES Scholarships Open

Applications are now open for a number of science and engineering scholarships through AISES. Apply by MAY 31st!

Summer Program Scholarship

Senior high school students can receive a scholarship to attend summer programs, vocational schools, community colleges, and universities. Apply HERE!

Trust and Safety Scholarship

Undergraduate juniors and seniors pursuing a career in online trust and safety can receive $20,000 per year. Apply by MARCH 30th!

Mental Health Scholarship

Undergrad students can win $5,000 by creating their own infographic or podcast on mental health MARCH 31st deadline!

Healthcare Management Graduate Scholarship

Graduate students in their last year of a healthcare management program can receive $5,000. Apply by MARCH 31st!

Albuquerque Community Foundation Scholarships

Apply to over 10 scholarship opportunities with just one application! Learn more and apply by APRIL 1st!

Environmental Scholarship

Undergrad and grad students pursuing environmental careers can receive $5,000. Learn more and apply by APRIL 5th!

Career Pathways Scholarship

This scholarship supports high school seniors and those with a GED seeking a 2-year degree, trade or certificate in Northern New Mexico. Apply by APRIL 23rd!

Environmental Stewardship Scholarships

Undergrads studying environmental stewardship of Indigenous lands can receive $10,000 a year for up to four years. Learn more HERE and apply!

HACU Scholarship Program

Students attending a HACU-member colleges or universities can apply for several scholarship opportunities. Learn more and apply HERE!

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