Tribal Energy Innovation Accelerator

Advancing energy technologies in tribal communities (CA)

Southern California Tribal Chairmen’s Association (SCTCA) is establishing the Tribal Energy Innovation Accelerator (TEIA), a dynamic ecosystem that will systematically and rapidly advance clean energy technology and solutions that benefit SCTCA Member Tribes along with surrounding communities. The TEIA region, spanning the lands of participating SCTCA Tribes, is poised for a transformative investment in clean energy innovation and development. SCTCA Tribes bring a strong need and major opportunity for clean energy solutions, workforce development, and economic development. SCTCA Tribes also offer unique potential to support rapid growth by hosting innovative clean energy projects, including demonstration/pilot projects and manufacturing facilities. Ultimately, TEIA will drive development of technologies, businesses, and projects that build robust, sustainable, and resilient regional and local clean energy economies.

The initial TEIA project will support refinement of strategies and plans for the envisioned engine; initial staffing; outreach, engagement, and collaboration to solidify current and prospective partnerships; formalization of the partnership organization; and initiation of clean energy innovation and development activities. This project will address key gaps affecting Tribes’ access to innovative clean energy technologies and development opportunities by providing dedicated central resources, including staff and partners with the full range of skills and knowledge to support R&D and development across the region. Collaborative processes will facilitate gathering ideas, knowledge, methods, and expertise from partners across many different disciplines, technical and non-technical. This effort will yield tangible translational outcomes including innovative clean energy technology solutions, resilient clean energy-producing systems, Tribal entrepreneurial businesses, and clean energy jobs complemented by workforce development services.

TEIA is funded by a National Science Foundation (NSF) Regional Innovation Engines Type 1 grant. TEIA partner organizations include Prosper Sustainably, Cleantech San Diego, University of California Riverside, University of California San Diego, GRID Alternatives, and Microgrid Institute.

Co-Project Directors:

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