September 2022 Residential Messaging from SDG&E®


Want to stay cool and reduce your energy use at the same time? Check out these helpful tips from San Diego Gas & Electric.  

  1. Pre-cool your home. Take advantage of lower-priced energy by using your A/C to cool your home before 4 p.m. During on-peak hours of 4 p.m. to 9 p.m., adjust your thermostat to 78 degrees or higher, health permitting.
  2. Cool down with a fan. Turn off fans when you leave a room as fans cool people, not rooms. During warmer months, using your ceiling fan while your A/C is on allows you to raise your thermostat around 4 degrees and maintain the same level of comfort. Run ceiling fans counterclockwise to push cool air down. In cooler months, run your fans clockwise at a low speed to draw room air up and force warm air down.
  3. Block the sun. During the hottest part of the day, cover windows to block the sun’s heat. If you can, open windows at night and early mornings to let the cool air in.
  4. Use small appliances. Instead of the oven, use small appliances such as a microwave, toaster oven or slow cooker. They use less energy and won’t add much heat to your home.
  5. Power down. Switch off your electronic devices, such as computers and coffee pots, when not in use. Keep in mind, electronics in standby mode still draw power. Use a smart power strip to power down devices and appliances at one time.
  6. Shift use. Shift some energy use, such as running a dishwasher or clothes washer, to outside of the on-peak hours of 4 p.m. to 9 p.m. Demand on the electric grid is typically highest during these hours and the cost of electricity is the highest.
  7. Get paid to conserve energy. It pays to be flexible! Enroll in SDG&E’s Power Saver Rewards program at Receive a bill credit when you lower your electricity use when energy is most in demand.
  8. Sign up for Flex Alert Notifications. These are voluntary calls for conservation when the power grid is stressed.  This usually happens in the evening when solar generation is reduced and people are coming home from work and turning on air conditioners, lights and appliances. Do your part and sign up for notifications at
  9. Wash clothes in cold water. Did you know around 90% of the energy used in a clothes washer goes to heating the water? To save even more energy, consider hanging towels and sheets outdoors to dry.
  10. Lights out. Turn off all unnecessary lights and use task or desktop lamps with LEDs instead of overhead lights.  

Save 18% on your monthly electric bill with FERA

SDG&E recognizes this is still a challenging time for many customers. Even if you have never qualified for assistance before, you may be eligible now. If you have three or more people in your household and are having a hard time paying your electric bill, you may be eligible for an 18% discount on your electric bill. To apply, visit


SDG&E recognizes that this can be a challenging time for many customers and may be able to help if you are having trouble paying your bill. You may be eligible for programs and services that can provide immediate financial assistance and help you avoid interruptions in your service. Flexible payment arrangements are available to help you pay down past due balances. Learn more at

Check out these energy assistance programs:

  1. California Alternate Rates for Energy (CARE) Program: Save 30% or more every month on your bill. Find out if you qualify at  
  2. Family Electric Rate Assistance (FERA) Program: If you don’t qualify for CARE and your household has 3 or more people, you may qualify for FERA. You could receive an 18% discount on your electric bill. Visit to learn more.  
  3. Energy Savings Assistance (ESA) Program: You may qualify to receive free energy-saving improvements for your home, such as new appliances, lighting, insulation and more. Find details at  
  4. Arrearage Management Plan (AMP): If you have outstanding bills and you are a CARE or FERA customer, you may be eligible for debt forgiveness. See if you qualify at
  5. Low-income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP): This program offers up to $1,000 towards your energy bill. This Federal assistance program also provides support for energy-related home improvements. Learn more at

Even if you made a recent payment or set up a flexible payment plan with SDG&E, there may still be assistance programs available to help you. For a complete list of available offerings, visit  


Usted puede calificar para un descuento en su factura o mejoras en el hogar. Los programas de asistencia de SDG&E ayudan a reducir su factura mensual de energía mientras mantiene su hogar cómodo.   

  1. Programa de Tarifas Alternativas de Energía de California (CARE, por sus siglas en inglés): Ahorre un 30% o más cada mes en su factura. Averigüe si califica en   
  2. Tarifa Eléctrica Familiar (FERA, por sus siglas en inglés): Si no califica para CARE y su hogar tiene 3 o más personas, puede calificar para FERA. Podría recibir un 18% de descuento en su factura de electricidad. Visite para obtener más información.   
  3. Programa de Asistencia para el Ahorro de Energía (ESA, por sus siglas en inglés): Puede calificar para recibir mejoras gratuitas para el ahorro de energía en su hogar, tales como electrodomésticos nuevos, iluminación, aislamiento y más. Encuentre los detalles en  
  4. Arrearage Management Plan (AMP): Si tiene facturas pendientes y es participante en el programa de CARE o FERA, puede ser elegible para la condonación de deudas. Averigüe si califica en  
  5. Clientes comerciales: Configure un plan de pago flexible, para que pueda estar tranquilo sabiendo que está cubierto. Visite para obtener más información.  

Las aplicaciones en línea son fáciles, rápidas y convenientes. Para obtener más información, visite  

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