September 2016 Tools for Managing Energy Use

Are you keeping up with your energy conservation goals? Keep track of your energy use and costs with email or text alerts from SDG&E - these alerts give you information about your account, bill, energy use, and more!

Alerts You Can Receive

  • Your pre-set spending goal was exceeded.
  • Your pre-set electric or gas use level was exceeded.
  • You’ve moved into a higher-priced electric tier 
  • A weekly energy use summary with all of this information plus energy saving tips.

It’s Easy To Setup

  • Log into My Account.
  • Look for Alerts & Subscriptions at the top.
  • Click on Alerts.
  • Click on Subscribe next to the type of alert. 
  • Select the email addresses/phone numbers to receive alerts.

You can subscribe to any or all of these alerts at this link:

Looking for other ways to conserve and earn energy savings? 

  • Keep your energy bill on an even keel with SDG&E’s Level Pay Plan. It balances the highs and lows, making your energy bill more predictable  Adjustments are made quarterly instead of monthly to reflect your energy use. It’s easy to enroll, too. Just call 1-800-411-7343 or visit
  • School yourself about SDG&E’s CARE program and add up the savings! Save 30% or more on your monthly SDG&E bill. Simply fill out the secure online enrollment form and SDG&E will let you know if you're eligible. You might also qualify for free energy-efficient home improvements. 

Interested in learning more? Visit

or dial 2-1-1 and ask for the Energy Bill Discount Program. TDD/TTY: For speech or hearing-impaired customers call SDG&E at 1-877-889-7343.

How low can you go? With SDG&E’s Whenergy plan, if you use less electricity during peak hours, you may be able to save energy and money. If most of your electricity use is before 11 a.m. or after 6 p.m., a Whenergy plan may help you save.

View this video to learn more & see how you can start saving today!


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