December 2023 SCTCA TANF Newsletter


    • At Pala SCTCA TANF, A New Site Manager Brings Enthusiasm and Determination
    • At San Diego State, AIR Celebrates 30th Annual Awards Banquet
    • SCTCA Pala TANF Hosts Families at October Fall Engagement
    • Dispatches: A Native Christmas
    • In SCTCA TANF Participant 2024 Calendar, A Different World Emerges Through Children’s Eyes
    • AIR Banquet Student Honorees: In Their Own Words
    • At Domestic Violence Walk, A Story of Childhood Abuse Leads to Guilt, Shame – and Forgiveness
    • On Indigenous Day, Safari Park Hosts Hundreds of Native Americans
    • A Visit to the White House – And a Question – Set the Stage for Native American Citizenship
    • Seven Native American Girls on Wildcats Volleyball Team
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