AIR-UCSD Course Announcement

Dear Community Coordinators/Parents,
AIR Programs and UCSD will be continuing our Restorative Justice coursework through our course “Introduction to Tribal Legal Studies”. This is offered through UCSD extension for course credit.

Course: Introduction to Tribal Legal Studies
University: University of California, San Diego
Instructor: Honorable Judge Angela Medrano (Intertribal Court of Southern California)
Units: 3
Start: October 19th – December 12th

We are accepting applications for Native High School Students to participate in this course. You may find our application (at the middle of the page) at:

We also ask that the parent/guardian fill out the consent form. Attached is our flier with the course description. Our cutoff date for registration is Tuesday, October 13th.

Dwight K. Lomayesva
AIR Programs/Director
Cell: (619) 920-3152

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