AIR Announces Native Youth university course for Spring – AMIND 120

Spring Honors Course and Native Youth Peer Court Training:

  • Course: American Indian Studies 120 / Rhetoric in American Indian Context
  • University: San Diego State University
  • Instructor: Caleigh Cornell (Dept. of American Indian Studies)
  • Units: 3
  • Start: Feb. 16th through April 30th

This course is a university freshman level course that we are offering to Native High School students as part of our Native Youth Peer Court Training.  This course will provide insight on issues within Tribal governance and contemporary issues within Indian Country.

Our overall goal within this series of courses in collaboration with AIR/Intertribal Court of Southern California/UCSD/and SDSU is to increase our Native youth’s understanding of Tribal governance and concepts of restorative justice from a Tribal perspective.  In this case, we will be creating a pool of students that we hope will participate in the Youth Peer Court as a peer decision maker implementing these concepts and assisting to help their fellow peers in the Court through a community wellness approach.

Please visit our website for our course and registration requests at:

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