April 2017 Residential Messaging from SDG&E®

Article 1: EcoChoice℠ is a cool choice
SDG&E’s EcoChoice program gives customers the option to purchase up to 100% clean, renewable energy. The program may be a good option for those who rent or don’t have the ability to adopt solar due to costs or the inability to put panels on their rooftop. With EcoChoice, there’s no upfront installation cost and you’re supporting clean, renewable energy in our community. Those who enroll will pay a small premium every month depending on their subscription level. Customers can visit our online calculator to estimate how much it will cost each month to purchase renewable energy through the program. Customers can also enroll online. For more information, visit sdge.com/ecochoice.
Article 2: Get a free smart thermostat including installation!
SDG&E will reward you for using less energy when everyone else is using more. By signing up for Reduce Your Use Rewards, you’ll be eligible to receive a credit on your bill when you reduce energy use on high demand days. For more information, visit sdge.com/reduceuse.
Does your house have central air conditioning, Wi-Fi and an SDG&E customer? Find out if your home qualifies to receive the ecobee SI smart thermostat – which gives you the ability to remotely control your thermostat with your phone or computer. For details, visit sdge.com/thermostat.
Article 3: Get a bill credit for driving an electric vehicle
If you drive an all-electric or plug-in hybrid vehicle, you may be eligible to receive an annual credit of at least $50 on your SDG&E bill. Applications can be completed on sdge.com/evcc and are being accepted now through May 2017. 
Article 4: Introducing newly enhanced SDG&E Marketplace
Getting your energy–saving products and rebates just got easier!
Looking for an easy way to shop for energy-efficient products and even get some cash back from your new purchase? With our enhanced SDG&E Marketplace, shopping and finding rebates is easier than ever. You can now:

  • Create a private and secure profile, and save your product searches
  • Receive price-change alerts for your favorite products
  • Apply for rebates with an easier online process

Along with these new features, SDG&E Marketplace is still the place to comparison shop and find the best price from recognized retailers, as well as explore a variety of other helpful items like appliance estimated energy savings and popularity ratings for your favorite products. We’ve also added new merchandise and product categories.
SDG&E Marketplace continues to be your one-stop-shop for energy-saving items for your home. Visit marketplace.sdge.com today.
Article 5: Your energy–saving projects may qualify for favorable financing
If you want to improve your home’s energy efficiency but cash flow is a problem, the statewide Residential Energy Efficiency Loan (REEL) program may be able to help. Participating REEL lenders offer loans with favorable rates and terms to finance eligible energy-efficiency measures. Examples include: heating, ventilating and air-conditioning (HVAC) equipment and repairs; water heaters; insulation for walls, floors, attics and ducts; sealing air leaks; duct sealing; appliances; pool pumps; smart thermostats; windows; and light-emitting diodes (LEDs). REEL gives you the flexibility to use up to 30% of the financing to complete additional tasks, such as general remodeling and water-efficiency projects. For more information, visit sdge.com/financing.
Article 6: Spring Energy Conservation Tips    
Check out these no- and low-cost ways to help reduce your energy use this Spring!

  • Adjust your thermostat. Central air conditioning is one of the biggest energy users. Set your thermostat at 78 degrees when you’re home, health permitting.
  • Wait until 9 p.m. Postpone using major appliances until after 9 p.m.
  • Keep cool with fans. Fans are a cost-effective way to keep homes cool during hot weather before air conditioning is needed. They can save up to 80-90% on cooling costs and make the temperature feel up to ten degrees cooler.
  • Heat less water. Install low-flow, water-saving shower heads to cut water use and save 5% to 10% on water heating costs.
  • Wash clothes in cold water. More than 70% of the cost of a load of laundry is in heating the water. Save by washing full laundry loads in cold water. Get a $25 rebate on select energy-efficient washers on Marketplace.
  • Monitor your energy use. Go to My Account to check out the Energy Management Tool and sign up for energy alerts to receive email or text alerts when your energy use or spending goal reaches a certain limit.
  • Shop for energy-saving products. Visit SDG&E Marketplace for your one-stop-shop for energy efficiency products from a variety of retailers.

For more ways to save and information on SDG&E rebates, click here

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